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Who We Are

Who We Are

Our Mission and Purpose

Our Mission and Purpose

crystal stone

Your life, your path, your service, your relationships, your health, your place in the universe.

A place where your path is honored,

A place of beauty, calm and presence.

Not just a place, but a store where you can assemble bits and pieces of the whole and take them home with you: books, crystals, candles, oils, prints, cards, altar pieces, and gifts.

The store first began in 1987 as a resource for your crystals and minerals and has evolved into a place where shopping is a soul experience. We are happy to be located next door to like-minded businesses, healers and alternative health practitioners.

We have a classroom where teachers and authors may present their services and lead others to understandings of their specialized talents and research.

We have created a resource store for the body-mind; a spiritual oasis where all may come. May we be the peace we wish to know.


In crystal we have pure evidence
of the existence of a formative
life principle, and although
in spite of everything we
cannot understand the
life of crystals, it is
still a living being.

~ Nikola Tesla

Meet the Crystal Voyage Staff

Meet the Crystal Voyage Staff

Crystal Stone
August 30,1940 – April 23,2017

Crystal Stone was the owner of the store.

Crystal cared deeply about being of service to all – to people, animals and the Earth.  There was no kinder person.  She could see magic everywhere and knew what was important in life.

Her legacy lives on in Crystal Voyage.


General Manager

I have been working at Crystal Voyage for a couple of years now and have enjoyed becoming very familiar with the stones and the books that have come through the shop. Having had a lifelong love affair with books, it has been an honor helping others open up to a plethora of new ideas through the many different sections of metaphysical thought found throughout the store. The crystals, stones and minerals available at crystal voyage have the capacity to change ones life, I know it has mine, so come on in and chat about life and we may just be able to help you find just what you need for YOUR walk with the divine.

Charlie enjoys spending free time with his family and frequent trips to the ocean, the woods and antique shops.

Operational Manager/Event Coordinator

Hello my name is Deborah, I’ve been at Crystal Voyage for nearly four years. I am the new Event coordinator, Recovery Coins purchaser, and Floor Manager. My interests are very eclectic. I love spending time in the woods and at the ocean with my family. If you need a hug come see me. I hope to see you all at Crystal Voyage, after all this is my Disney Land!

Senior Sales Associate

The lovely Diane comes to us with a long history of sales and merchandising, along with years of absorption in the metaphysical community. Before Crystal Voyage, her compassionate heart was evidenced by her volunteer position while caring for cats and a regional animal service facility, and that’s a good thing because “Mr. Oliver” (store kitty) thinks she’s pretty great.


I’m 32 years old and have been a practicing aroma therapist and herbalist for the past 14 years. I was drawn early on in life to the healing properties of nature. I’m passionate about healing the body, mind, and soul, with the treasures of the world. I am experienced in making all types of remedies for common day conditions, using essential oils and herbs.

Mr. Oliver
Descendant of Bastet

People Are Talking About Us

People Are Talking About Us

Sacred Geometry 3


I recently visited with my girlfriend on two occasions, probably a day or two within each other. The shop looks little, but I was surprised how large it actually was inside!  They are very organized and have great displays to easily maneuver/navigate around the store. The staff is all very friendly and helpful. They also take great care of the products purchased to ensure they make it home safely with you! The extra wrapping and care towards the items is definitely a great thing. All the other customers seemed very friendly and full of good energy! They have a small black cat (Ollie is his nameto, I think) and he is a cute ball of fury! He loves to play and grab hold of you!

All in all, great place with friendly people. I’m sure we will be back soon.

Who We Are

Who We Are


We are building walls to bring down barriers. This mural, “WE ARE ONE”, combines elements of the universe, man and the animal kingdom with whom we share this fragile plane, in hopes that we will come to the realization of the connectedness between all. This panel is a 20 foot mural of Italian Pietra De Cardosa limestone and was co-created by Jody Bergsma, a well know Northwest Artist, Macy Jewell, a goddess of stone sculpture, and Crystal Stone, dreamer. The mural sculpture has a limited version of the following inscription on the interpretive signage panel:

From outer space to deep inner space, we are all connected. The elements of this mural form a story for those with “eyes to see”. It is a sentence of ideas with no punctuation, a still life with movement by intention. From legend and ancient sciences to new technology, we invite the mythmaker.

  1. DNA, the double helix, the structure of life, encompassing the elements.
  2. Symbols representing the elements of life: Square-earth, Half moon-water, Triangle-fire, Circle-air, Oval-Spirit.
  3. Sun, giver of life and energy, center of this solar system (yang energy form)
  4. Mercury, planet of communication
  5. Venus, planet of love, relationships and values
  6. Outline of planet Earth
  7. Golden Disc of Voyager I launched Sept. 1977, reached the outer limits of space as we know it November 2003.  It carries sounds of our planet, animals, whales, ancient and current languages and music from various cultures and times.
  8. Eagle, who according to myth, soars through a hole in the sky, flying to the Sun where he gains great perspective.  Here returning to Earth, having passed over Mercury and Venus with a message of love for mankind.
  9. Star, representing Sirius of the constellation Canis Major, or whatever star whose light you wish to claim.
  10. “Vitruvian Man”, interpretive rendering of the divine man by Leonardo DaVinci, encased in two circular rings.  Beneath the man’s foot, the inner ring represents “Uroborus”, the snake as a symbol of cyclical repetition, that in every ending there is a new beginning.  Inside the rings are seven circles representing man’s major belief systems.
    1. Ankh-ancient Egyptian symbol for eternal life of the soul
    2. Pentacle-points of the star representing the five elements: air, earth, fire, water and spirit
    3. Cross-Symbol of Christianity
    4. Yin/Yang-symbol of balance
    5. Tibetan Om-symbol of the “Original Sound” or word of God
    6. Solomon’s Seal-Symbol of Judaism
    7. Crescent moon and star-symbol of Islam
  11. Moon, symbol of cycles of change, reflects Sun’s light and balances water, Yin energy.  Here shown in the last quarter representing completion of one stage and beginning of another.
  12. Mt. Rainier, or “Mt. Tacobet”, mother of the waters
  13. Totem pole acknowledging the animal kingdom of air, land and water; eagle, wolf and whale representative of Native American cultures
  14. White Raven, according to legend, captured the Sun to bring us light.  He sacrificed his color and song to bring forth life and order to our planet.  He is a symbol of the spiritual power of creation.  Here he counsels man.
  15. Rainbow Metaphor: Many colors in harmony create one rainbow.

We can be no more than the elements of this great planet.  As we are created, we must co-create in harmony with man, God, and the universe.  This mural co-created by Jody Bergsma, Macy Jewell and Crystal Stone.

August 2004

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