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Shannon Janelle Edwards 503.899.7529

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Shannon Janelle Edwards 503.899.7529


REIKI with READINGS                                              

Shannon is a certified reiki practitioner. She provides private reiki with reading sessions consisting of a five-minute check in self-evaluation. Followed by a cleansing full body sage. Crystals will be placed along the body to help with the healing process & a relaxing essential oil blend will be used. A head to toe reiki session will begin. As well as checking all chakras and realigning them properly. Along this healing journey Shannon may receive accurate visual, audio or empathic messages. As you are coming back into the room and into your body we will go over any information received and any questions you might have. This is a beautiful healing session and your soul thanks you.

Shannon is available for scheduled or drop-in reiki with reading sessions on Saturdays during the Psychic Fair each month. To schedule/reserve a session with Shannon you can contact her via call/text or email. Shannon is available most afternoons & evenings and has multiple locations.

Fees: 30-minute session $50-$60 (depending on location)

60-minute session $90

90-minute session $130

120-minute session $180

Long distance reiki available 30-minute session $55

Reiki for a situation or event $40

Reiki Packages

Three 60 minute sessions $245

Five sessions (360 minutes of your choice) $490 with your choice of a small gift to take home   

Call/Text Shannon 503.899.7529    Instagram: sj_soulmovement

Shannon will be at our Monthly Psychic Fairs on Saturday from 1:30 pm till 7:00 pm   


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September 26, 2016

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