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Renata Dunkle

Renata Dunkle,

Minister of Love, Laughter & Beauty

Renata provides Intuitive Conversations helping bring ides, creations and things to light so you can clearly see who you are and who you are not. By embracing the good, bad and ugly, a new freedom will arise, gifting you a new choice to rewrite your life story now!

An intuitive conversation with Renata will help realign you with your existing wisdom by expanding your lenses of perception with you as co-creator in your own universe. Renata helps you see what has always been inside of you all along.

Renata’s life journey comes packed with a collection of life experiences ranging from modeling to beauty and healing arts including personal development training and color analysis, certified Reiki Master in 1997, massage license in 1999, Graduating University of Washington with a Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies and Masters in Natural Health and Healing from Belford University.

Renata is the featured store Reader every Thursday 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm

She is also available during the Intuitive & Healing Arts Fair the First FULL weekend of the month. Walk-ins are welcomed, but if you’d like a reserved time for your Reading, contact Renata.

Rates: $2.00 a Minute (15 minute minimum). Package Sessions Available. 

Contact Renata: Call/Text: 253.441.8530. Email: