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Mary Standing Bear

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The Earth Stones look like little brown pieces of ginger cookie.  They are a Native American system of divination, based on an Ojibwa holy man’s vision of the Native Medicine Wheel.  This man was Sun Bear.  I first met him in 1980 and became a member of the Bear Tribe Medicine Society, which he founded, and one of his 50 most active apprentices, worldwide.  He passed into Spirit in 1992.  My affiliation with our spiritual practices, called the Good Red Road, began when I was born.  My half Native grandma and Mom brought me up with the values and belief systems of Native people, and, beginning in 1980, the spirituality was added.  That addition made a profound difference in my life, and the spiritual affiliation with the Good Red Road will last until I die.


In 1987, a training was held by the Bear Tribe to learn to read the Earth Stones.  This training was offered once and once only.   There were about 20 participants in the class from all over the country.  There were 4 from Washington.  One has moved to Colorado.  One has moved to southern Idaho.  One is living in Southwestern Washington, and is no longer reading the Earth Stones.  And then there is me.  I have read them at the Boeing Parapsychology club years ago, at Lori Aletha’s Northwest Center for Enlightenment faires, and in Lou Free’s and Skip and Sharron Leingang’s psychic showcases.  I have been doing the Earth Stone Readings and Medicine Wheel Consultations nationally from 1987-1994, through the Bear Tribe, which later became the Panther Lodge Medicine Society.


Each of the 40 “stone cookies” has a symbol of Sun Bear’s vision of the Medicine Wheel on it.  For a store setting, I do a 15 minute reading.  There is a belief that life consists of four elements:  the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual.  Spirituality is one’s relationship to the Creator.  The emotional is one’s relationship to oneself and others.  The mental is Right Livelihood–that which fills one with joy and a feeling of fulfilling one’s purpose.  The physical is five things–health, home, geographic location, survival job, and day to day casual interactions with others.  The 15 minute reading is 5 stones–one for a key question or central concern, and the other four are for the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life.

Investment: $1.00 per minute

Call: 253-539-9210